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Welcome to Online application for charity registration

From here you can apply to register a new charity online.

You can use this online service if your organisation:

  • has a gross income of more than 5,000 per year;
    • proof of income will be required;
  • is governed by the laws of England and Wales.

For information on approved governing documents, click here.

We actively encourage applications both in English and Welsh (Welsh pdf)

You must have access to a current Email address to use Online Application for Charity Registration. If you have not already opened an account you may open a new account by clicking the "Enter this service" button on the right of this screen and clicking on the "Apply for an account" button on the next screen. Once you have done this, your secure password will be sent directly to your Email address.

Please read our guidance Things to think about before setting up a charity before completing an application.

For information about using this service, click here.

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