Procurement policy – guide to suppliers

Q.How do we identify potential suppliers?

We do not maintain approved supplier lists.

In most instances new purchases and contracts will be made using approved central contracts, known as frameworks or call-off contracts. Usually these will have been set up by larger government departments or central buying organisations and will be fully compliant with UK and EU procurement regulations.

If there is no identifiable framework how we proceed will depend upon whether the lifetime purchase value falls within the Commission's own criteria or the current thresholds set by the EU.

To supplement online advertising we will use our knowledge of the marketplace. Members of our team regularly attend trade shows and exhibitions.


Details of the current thresholds are given below. Thresholds are net of VAT and are fixed for 2 years. The next revision will be in January 2012

Category of spend




Schedule 1 bodies (incl. Charity Commission)

Indicative Notices


Small Lots


In these instances our requirements will be published in the Official Journal of the EU and thereafter follow specific timescales and procedures in accordance with the EU Procurement Directives.


Value of purchase £

Action required

1000 and under

Minimum of 1 quote.

1001 - 5000

Minimum of 2 written quotes

5001 - 14999

Minimum of 3 written quotes

15000 and above

Formal tender required which is published online (see current opportunities)

Q. How do we choose a supplier?

For each quotation, proposal or formal tender received from an interested supplier the Charity Commission must, in order to satisfy it is getting best value for money, evaluate and compare:

  • quality of what is offered (which might include, for example, date of delivery, the skills of the contractor's staff, their approach as well as:
  • The whole-life cost (including, for example, the cost of consumables, training, licences, disposal) over the life of the contract or asset.

We will set out clearly in our tender documentation how the proposal will be evaluated by a panel made up typically of 2 or 3 staff representing Procurement and the end users.

Q. How do I obtain further information on the Commission's procurement policy and processes?

Please email your enquiry to

Diversity policy statement

The Charity Commission will proactively encourage diverse suppliers to participate in our procurement exercises.

In accordance with EU and UK legislation and best practice our procurement process will be transparent, objective and non-discriminatory in the selection of its suppliers.

Where we are procuring services delivered directly to the Welsh public we will require suppliers to comply with the principles of our Welsh Language Scheme the fundamental aim of which is to ensure that the English and Welsh languages are treated on an equal basis.

Sustainable procurement

The Charity Commission is committed to promoting the conservation and improvement of the environment.

Our policy on Sustainable Procurement is:

  • To comply with environmental legislation and regulatory requirements
  • To promote environmental awareness amongst suppliers and contractors
  • To buy less environmentally damaging products and services
  • To consider environmental factors when making procurement decisions and
  • To develop awareness of environmental issues within the Commission

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